When PushON Paid Search Event a Visit

PushON | September 5th 2014

You need a pretty good reason to board the 06:24 from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston. On Monday 1 September, we had one – “Biddable World”. The importance of PPC and paid search within digital marketing is juxtaposed by a lack of paid search events where colleagues can network, enhance their understanding of new techniques and learn new strategies. PPC and paid search practitioners understand this void and see the need and purpose for more events. Biddable World spotted a niche. As the founders put it:

“Why isn’t there a decent event covering PPC, display advertising, social media advertising and other forms of biddable media. That’s what we asked ourselves before setting up Biddable World … so we arranged one and launched it in January 2014. We thought it went down pretty well, and other people seemed to think so too! So we’re bringing it back.”

That’s how PushON’s entire PPC team found themselves gingerly tiptoeing around the station – and we’re really glad we did it.

The Sponsors

With Biddable World in its second iteration, the paid search industry seems to have started understanding the value of the young event, and a wealth of sponsors took the opportunity to partner up. The headline sponsor came in the form of Adthena, who provide digital marketers with “the opportunity to acquire more customers by uncovering their whole relevant search market through a competitive intelligence service that constantly monitors the entirety of their market space.”

Adthena was followed by the showcase sponsor, Chango, a marketing technology company.

Biddable World had more sponsors vying for visibility: clockworkTalent and SiteVisibility. Digital marketing recruitment specialist clockworkTalent advertises its brand as the preferred recruitment partner for a wide variety of new and leading agencies and brands in both the UK and overseas. SiteVisibility brings a team of SEO, PPC, social media, strategy and R&D professionals together to create flexible and future-proof marketing campaigns.

The whole event was, as Biddable World put it, ‘lovingly put together by RoughAgenda’.

The Schedule & Speakers

The event itself was a well thought out and managed affair. Fifiteen debates and presentations were segmented throughout the day into four easy to digest chunks, each brimming with paid search information.

The Morning Sessions

Biddable World Doors Open
Samantha Noble Reach, Follow and Convert with Targeted Remarketing
Luca Senatore Inside the Mind of an Extremely Successful Paid Search Strategy
Stephen Croome What PPC and Paid Social Can Learn From Each Other
Anu Adegbola Innovation Through Bidding
Craig Murphy Did Google Really The (Quality) Score
Shaun Russell Understanding Your Biddable World
Deepti Pingali Reinforcing Brand Image by Aligning all Marketing Channels

The morning session was underpinned by the energetic and larger-than-life presence of Luca Senatore, who delivered a powerful talk entitled ‘Inside the Mind of an Extremely Successful Paid Search Strategy’, in which he drew comparisons to his own life and humble beginnings, culminating in a comparison to his life away from paid search where he and his son are proactive in their Martial Arts studies. This was a particular highlight from the morning session since it’s always fascinating to see what colleagues within the industry are like away from their lives in the PPC frontline – and most of the time we love to believe that we as PPC individuals are indeed of a different ilk, comparable to rock stars (they actually do, too – ed.).

Alas, this was not to say there weren’t nuggets of gold to be found in the other talks. The speakers opined their tips and strategies regarding successful remarketing campaigns, whilst there was also an important value on coupling paid channels together to create campaigns with synergy that deliver more clout. Craig Murphy had the extremely tough task of dissecting Google and the Quality Score debate, where the revamp in definition was picked apart and scrupulously examined.

The Afternoon Sessions – 2:30pm-6pm

Martyn Bentley A look into the Biddable, Programmatic Future
Dan Fallon Google and Money
Mat Bennett How Playing Both Sides of the biddable Field Could Find Your Next Campaign
Eldad Sotnick-Yogev Zero to 60 with Multiple Biddable Channels
Laura Crimmons Social Advertising
Russell McAthy Attribution and Multi-Channel Analytics
James Robinson Maximising ROI – Are You a Serial Agency Dater or Happily Wed?
Martin Pezet On Trial: Is there really Positive ROI in Bidding on Brand Terms?

Martyn Bentley kicked off afternoon proceedings and immediately ensured that any post-lunch grogginess was shaken off with his futuristic take on where digital marketing will evolve and suggested where we as an industry will fit in and remain invaluable over the coming years – there’s going to be a radically different approach to marketing and ultimately marketing channels.

As with the morning session, the afternoon session also had a standout performer, and it would be remiss not to mention the contribution and talk delivered from Dan Fallon regarding Google and Money. It’s always a fascinating topic, considering how essential and entwined Google is in our lives, even more so the lives of the PPC brigade who sleep dreaming of the AdWords interface. Dan delved in to numbers and reinforced just how colossal a behemoth Google is in terms of paid search. It was all delivered with aplomb by Dan, who had a fantastic rapport with the audience. Furthermore, mischievous insights were gained when Mat Bennett took to the stage and discussed his thoughts about essentially playing two sides for your own selfish gain – in terms of funding your own campaign.

In Closing

PushON’s PPC team thoroughly enjoyed their time at Biddable World. A smooth and well organised event with fantastic speakers and opportunities to network with peers within the paid search industry, you really wouldn’t believe Biddable World is still in its infancy.

We’re grateful to be given the opportunity to attend, and with such quality discussions and topics on display and insights to be had, we can’t wait to return.