Why content and context are the key to making meaningful social connections – SASCon Mini 2014

Pedrom Pourkashanian | January 16th 2014

SAScon Mini 2014 

Dominic Burch, Head of Social, ASDA – Why content and context are the key to making meaningful social connections

5 simple thoughts (ASDA)

1 – The old rules don’t apply anymore

2 – We are media owners – (Asda magazines, website, shopping site, social media)

3 – We’re a connector not a collector

4 – We will only succeed if we win the trust of shoppers

5 – Listen First, Engage Second, Influence Third

Easy to monitor the ASDA brand on social whereas social monitoring from ‘Orange’ or ‘Morrisons’ for example are hard to monitor. ASDA has 18% market share, with social allowing for targeting to be easier instead of TV adverts.

Every 10 points on Facebook – 9 should be about engaging and the 1 remaining post should be heavy marketing.

ASDA has been on a 5 year journey – Monitoring, Trialling, Engaging, Growing and Influencing on social.

The facebook rule change allowing for promoted posts – Promote to friends of fans who like your page – (Helps to grow the fan base).

Listening is the fundamental part of the process – 50,000 – 300,000  mentions on social in September, ASDA sold a mental patient fancy dress outfit for Halloween.

Channel shift in shopping from local corner shop to a big supermarkets, making it harder to listen to the customers.

Facebook first approach, most of the customers – 50% – 9m Facebook, 10% Youtube, 10% Twitter.

1m Asda fans on Facebook – connected to 12.4m female friends of fans

33m uk users on Facebook. ASDA average reach per month is 8.7m, average interaction is 279k and link clicks are 157k.

One questions they asked customers on Facebook is – “How likely are you to recommend on Facebook?”

More engagement than any of the supermarkets: Asda 3m, Tesco 805k, Sainsburys 486k, Morrisons 454k and Waitrose 142k. (Minus Aldi)

Estimated reach on average for the organic page in 2013 is 300m – Worth £825k Media value.

Chosen by you brand (#Chosenbyme) – on social terms are being used that ASDA wouldn’t typically use, bringing the terms into the shop on packaging etc. Real people reviews from social!

Custom audiences enable more targeted campaigns, allowing for ASDA to reach female friends of fans and leading to – ASDA Mums.

£100 budget for ASDA allows it to reach 100k news feeds on Twitter.

Clear editorial calendar – for strategic marketing, Responsive and tactical marketing and engaging interactions.  Make sure you involve customers – for example posting a photo of a bun and asking “What do you call this?”. “Whats you favourite – brown or red sauce on a bacon sandwich?”.

Increasingly using a blended social platform approach helps – Newsfeed reach on Facebook, targeting advertising on Twitter and Vine, clickable videos/hangouts on youtube and G+ and Advertising/Outreach and Amplification on Pinterest and Instagram. ——- All these strategies lead to Growth and Innovation.

Dom’s dirty dozen for 2014 (Trends) – 

  1. The Resurgence of the advertorial 
  2. Employee advocacy is key
  3. Engaging content will still be rewarded
  4. The age of advocacy
  5. Pay to play
  6. Millennials will fuel even more video sharing
  7. Death of the social media manager!
  8. Social organisations will be the real winners
  9. Customers expect instant responses on social channels
  10. Growth gamification on social
  11. Key influences / content creators can now monetize their position
  12. Stronger interplay between social and television