Women in Digital – SAScon 2015

PushON | June 12th 2015


Following a recent survey by The Candidate, this session aims to look at the role women play in the digital industry and how to retain and attract the best female talent.

The survey found that there are twice as many men working in digital than women.

The panel go onto discuss that it’s not just a gender issue but can also come down to education and industry focus. There’s a lack of basic understanding of what the digital industry needs and this can be damaging. No appreciation for what digital is, for example coding is very male-orientated role.

Flexible working is a necessity for women to prosper and pursue their careers, especially with motherhood being such a major life factor.

From the recent survey, out of 132 of 150 companies were headed by men. This isn’t something that is openly discussed in an industry that is relatively small. But are men being pushed into roles that they don’t want?

It’s better to bring women and men together rather than splitting genders but what can women in digital spaces actually do to change the culture? They have a duty to stand up and make a difference. Until this is done then no changes will be made.

From the survey it was found that 43% of women in digital earn below £24,000 annually. Should the industry introduce pay bands? The panel discuss and talk about how employees should be paid on experience and skill set. From the survey it was found that only 10% of women have completed an apprenticeship. Maybe women should be more forthright and know their value.

Gender issues are industry-wide and they aren’t just something that affects digital alone.