Yahoo are Monkeying around with their search engine

PushON | April 26th 2008

Two Baby CapuchinsThere’s some really interesting stuff going on over at Yahoo. They’ve announced a complete rewiring of the Yahoo plethora of sites in a bid to offer end users a single place to manage all things Yahoo related.

They claim not to be building a new social network but are focusing on building social into everything they do. I don’t envy them the task because the Yahoo network of sites has grown into a huge unruly beast over the years and the acquisition of Flickr, and event calendering website Upcoming, further complicates the task. Pulling it all together though could see Yahoo moving toward offering serious competition to Google and Microsoft in the competition to offer a single brand internet experience.

Yahoo have also announced their Search Monkey project which it claims will lead to a more open approach to search by allowing website owners big and small “to build and present the next generation of search results”. Their hope is that buy offering a “free, open platform” and enabling site owners to provide further additional detail of their sites such as photos, ratings and addresses that will all show in the search results.

It’s a very nice idea but as highlighted in the comments accompanying the announcement on the Yahoo blog, there are concerns that this could mean Black Hat SEO techniques could be adopted by many to falsify Yahoo search results.

You can make your own minds up as to what is going on between the two monkeys I’ve used for the photo on this post but I think the surprise on the face of the one says it all.

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