You did know we build ecommerce websites in Magento, didn’t you?

PushON | September 25th 2012

Sometimes talking to clients helps. Actually it helps all the time but sometimes you learn something that could be crucial to you. In the particular case, said client didn’t realise we have a rather significant amount of PPC budget under management and they had a requirement for some PPC management. That was a nice win. Nor did they realise that we develop in Magento. We’ve actually built quite a fair bit in Magento but we haven’t necessarily talked about it a lot. Why? Well, there’s been quite a fair bit in development, both using Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be launching a lot of these sites so case studies will follow. One we can talk about is for The Little Greene. We’ve worked with them for many years. It has never been just about providing a service for them, it’s been about partnering to help develop their digital business. When we started working with them, they did “a little bit” online, now they generate 7 figures in online revenue. I guess that’s a great indicator of how we work. We’re interested in the clients business and we help develop an appropriate online strategy to achieve their objectives. Then within that strategy we deploy a range of digital tactics which may include Magento development or a whole range of other tactical services.

I should also mention that as well as being Magento Silver Partners, we are also:

If you would like to have a look at some of our work, we’ll be doing some PR over the next few weeks, but in the finest Blue Peter style, here’s some we made earlier

The Little Greene Paint Company

A little something for the RNLI

So, the lesson is talk to your clients, you never know how you might be able to help them. And also talk to your readers…if you are looking for someone to deliver a Magento website, or someone who knows how to delver online marketing such as Magento SEO, then drop us a line