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Managing me: one developer’s view on how to manage an overactive mind and stay focused

Benny Brown | February 13th 2018

Ever since I became a developer I have had people talk about “The Zone”, this elusive spot where you work perfectly, you’re at your most […]

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Tips For Attending Manchester Digital Talent Day

Patrick Whitehouse | February 5th 2018

This time last year, I was adding the finishing touches to my university dissertation and final-year web development project. This chapter of my life was […]

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Magento Security: The Fundamentals

Rhys Botfield | July 4th 2016

Magento is arguably the most popular e-commerce platform in the world so chances are that you’re going to have your store attacked, though not by […]

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Developer Voices: Rhys Botfield

Rhys Botfield | May 16th 2016

Who? My name’s Rhys and I’m one of the back-end developers here at PushON who help make the trains run on time. You’ll usually find […]

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Invest in Testin’

Kieran O'Regan | May 9th 2016

With the enhanced complexity of websites today, the need for testing has never been needed more in the development life cycle. To some people testing […]

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Developer Voices: Chris Carr

Chris Carr | April 20th 2016

The case for Magento as a customer-friendly platform is continually growing, and with Magento 2 now released the case grows ever stronger. But the customer […]

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