Wednesday 7th February 2024, 1:00pm (Video Below)

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Overwhelmed with the chatter about AI?

Wondering whether it’s just about generating fantastical superhero images of yourself? Yet again, PushON is here to help with another of our many super-smart colleagues taking the time to share their knowledge. We have the utter privilege of having Danny Rippon, co-founder of Decisionality, share his knowledge of how to use AI practically in a business context.

This webinar is great for all folks, but we particularly recommend those interested in design and those in the C-Suite take note. This is how you use AI to make the business better.

AI is everywhere. We are continually bombarded on mainstream news, and with marketing from companies touting their AI capabilities. This session aims to cut through the BS, and help you increase your understanding of how and when to use AI.” – Danny Rippon

What this webinar covers:

  • HOW TO VIEW AI – Overview of the current AI landscape,
  • WHAT IT CAN DO – Real-world examples you can start tomorrow,
  • GET GREAT RESULTS – Prompting tips to get great output from generative AI,
  • SPECIFIC – AI for eCommerce.

About Danny

Danny has worked in eCommerce for over half of his 30+ year career. He was the Director of the digital agency Lyons Consulting Group’s European branch, helping clients like GoPro, Warner Music, Claires Accessories, Links of London and Hawes & Curtis. He was also CEO at Naveo Commerce, a grocery eCommerce platform that Co-op and many others used. Danny now helps people get the most from AI.

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