Nosto x PushON Webinar

Thursday 12th October 2023, 1:00pm – 1:45pm (Video Below)

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Black Friday is just so last Month

If you’re unprepared now, you haven’t got your strategy together. We’re talking Christmas because you must get your elves in a row RIGHT NOW!! A proper Q4 is about profit and maximising your yield from your loyal customer base.

As ever, PushON has got what you need. In one of our ongoing series of useful lunchtime webinars, our excellent partners, Nosto, give you half an hour of insight to help you smash your revenue targets and provide a compelling argument for a performance bonus.

It’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas in ecommerce! That’s why Nosto is helping brands jingle all the way to success for their most lucrative peak season yet. Learn about winning strategies that you can count on to optimise the user experience, captivate your customers and maximise on the additional traffic that Q4 brings.

– Nosto

Whether it’s at your lunchtime or the business quite rightly invests in skilling you up to help them profit, it’s 45 minutes well spent with a butty. Why not make it Turkey, Cranberry and stuffing?

Watch the webinar below

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