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How valuable is time?

Not all use of time is of equal value, so how on earth do we quantify what time is worth?

Sometimes we waste time (or at least that is our perception or the perception of others of how we’ve used that time), sometimes we kill time desperate for an event to happen but waiting patiently or impatiently, sometimes we lose time but inevitably when we’re actually enjoying the time we’re spending.

No matter how you cut it, ultimately time is priceless, so with time being such a high valued commodity, giving time is surely the ultimate gift.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce our ‘Give a day’ scheme for PushON employees as part of our Breathe HR Culture Pledge to illustrate our committment to a positive company culture.

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What is ‘Give a Day’?

‘Give a Day’, is a scheme open to PushON employees where they can request 1 day a year of time back from the company to spend on positive personal improvements or community projects/actions that have positive impact.

It’s not just an additional days holiday.

Employees have to make an application explaining how the time will be used and must demonstrate that it’s either going to assist them with some personal or professional growth objectives, or that it will have a positive impact for a community, or group of people or even society as a whole.

Once the application is assessed, if granted the employee is given the day off and all the company asks in return is that they document their efforts in some small way. That might be a blog post write up, or a social media post to promote what they did with the time given.

Launching in June 2020

The scheme is officially launching in June 2020 and we’ll keep you updated via our blog on how employees chose to use the offer.

We’re hoping to see some exciting personal progression time, some worthy causes supported and some positive community action taken to report on.

Stay tuned.

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