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Google My Business Questions and Answers Feature

Jenny Pearse | January 23rd 2018

The last big algorithm update for local search was from Possum 2 years ago. Although there hasn’t been anything as big since, Google My Business […]

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From Pigeon to Possum

Jenny Pearse | October 6th 2016

On the first of September this year, SEO experts from around the world saw the biggest shake-up in local search since Pigeon landed two years […]

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Ecommerce Success – It’s Written in the Stars

Jenny Pearse | November 12th 2015

Over the past few months, local search results have been hit with several big changes, and although they didn’t get an animal-named algorithm update, they are […]

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Stop the Pigeon!

Jenny Pearse | July 24th 2015

Introducing Google Pigeon Today marks the one-year anniversary since Pigeon, Google’s local search ranking algorithm, was released in the US. Shudders were felt five months […]

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The Power of NAP: Consistency for Local SEO

Jenny Pearse | May 21st 2015

What is NAP? Sadly we’re not talking about the soft pillows, recharge-your-batteries type of nap. In the SEO world NAP simply stands for Name, Address, […]

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A Massive Change For Google Local Business Listings

PushON | May 31st 2012

This week, Google announced that it was incorporating local search into Google+. If it hasn’t already, you will soon notice your Google Places listing turn […]

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