Technical SEO Services

Audits, Recovery & Optimisation

When it comes to technical SEO, it’s not always what a user sees on the surface that counts. The site may have an expensive hosting package, or may have been built using a custom template personal to your business, but if it isn’t optimised specifically for search engines then none of this will matter.

Usually many issues stem from modern sites opting for imagery over text. Large sliders and galleries can easily delay the load time of a page, which results in an increased bounce rate and drop in overall website rankings. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technical SEO fixes, which is where PushON can help. From keywords and content to page speed and backlinks, our team will get to the bottom of the issue and propose a strategy to transform your site.

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Technical SEO Audits with Actionable Results

When it comes to technical audits, the team at PushON ensure that the document is not just in-depth and meticulous, but that it is also summarized with actionable tasks at the end. After all, what is the use in having a technical audit if you don’t know your robots.txt from your browser caching? The marketing team use straight-forward explanations and relevant examples to highlight each issue uncovered, with technical recommendations on how to fix the problem.

These issues are then collated at the end of the audit, ordered by priority and their relevance to getting your website back to optimum performance.

Integrating with Your Team

We understand that you may not have the internal resources to action the numerous tasks our extensive technical audits will recommend. Alternatively, if your business has an internal development team, they may not have the time to take on the tasks outlined in the audit. Our team can fully integrate with your business, whether that is to advise and assist or to completely take on all of the final tasks. Get in touch to find out how an extensive technical SEO audit from the SEO experts can help your website get back on top.