Social Media Strategy

An effective strategy is key to ensure your social media presence is successful and goes above and beyond competitors’.

The social media network sites you should use depends on your business and the industry. B2C organisations tend to invest in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. For B2Bs, LinkedIn would be a clear choice alongside Twitter.

PushON has an expert social media team, including both organic and paid specialists. We understand how the major networks operate and how they’re being used, which means we can develop a bespoke social media strategy to meet your business’s needs and how our support can fulfil your objectives.

We will audit your current social media presence to pinpoint areas of improvement, as well as how your followers respond to the posts being shared. Additionally, we review competitors’ channels and conduct research into your target audience. This information is vital and will support the strategy, your brand presence and ensure we’re maximising the platforms to their full potential.

Social Media Audience

Audience profiling is fundamental to a successful social media strategy. Every business must understand who their core audience is online, what their interests are, how they behave and respond.

What triggers your audience to react in the way to do? What influences your audience to engage with the posts you’re sharing?

Social Media Management & Reporting

Our team understand what is and isn’t common practise on the various social media networking sites and will finetune the tone of all communications to ensure users notice and react positively to your online activities.

Unfortunately, customers who receive a negative experience with your business may react via social media to express their frustration. Fortunately, our expert team understand how to turn this around effectively with a strategy for dealing with negative feedback. Social media is an open forum, so it’s critical for businesses to get this right.

Whether you’re using social media to promote your content marketing, manage campaigns or run competitions, we know how to give you the maximum reach through a blend of targeted social media advertising and our expertise in relationship building and social media analytics.
PushON will report back on various key metrics including engagement rate, best performing posts, click-through rate, ROI, visits to the website and more. We will tailor the reports based on what you want to see and provide advice for improvements.

PushON offers social media consultancy and training covering both organic and paid. Our team will work with yours to ensure the right strategy has been put in place to deliver the best results, and support and advise your in-house team.
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PushON's campaign gained more than 150 inbound links, many of which were from high-quality sources. BTSO enjoyed a substantial rise in visibility in the immediate weeks afterwards.

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