Edinburgh, in my not so humble opinion, is arguably the most beautiful city in the World. Everywhere you turn there are OMG moments with monumental architecture teased out of the living rock; each corner turned is an opportunity for a breath taking vista, a statue, a square, a pub to die for. The City is breath taking. It’s similar with the talent especially in the digital space. We are great believer in investing in the community, sharing knowledge and supporting each other. To that end, we organise eCommerce meetups across the country, in Bristol, Manchester and of course Edinburgh. These are usually in the evening, 4 speakers each doing 15 minutes on something they find interesting and relevant to the community. This last week we did our first eCommerce event of 2023. So first of all a huge thankyou to the wonderful folk at TrustPilot who facilitated the event at their glorious George Street offices. They also brought in the beer and pizzas which of course is the fuel of tech. I should point out that there were soft drinks as well seeing as this is a currently contentious topic!
Anyway, we had 4 wonderful speakers. First of all we had Jessica Mullen from Create Future who I have been cajoling to speak for quite some time.

It was worth the wait. “Moments of Joyfullness” was the talk.

PushOn eCom Event – Joyful Experiences (1)

I took away the concept of “Moments of Joy” which was an epiphany for me. Also Vinted is better than eBay for top notch clothing bargains.

And that leads me onto Patricia Wilson, Head of Marketing at Optiseller who did a great piece about operating eBay at scale, hence the conversation about vinted.

“Thank you for inviting me to talk on Thursday night, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am a strong believer that we must step outside of our comfort zones to move forward. These events are packed full of e-commerce knowledge and I always walk away feeling motivated and excited for what is going to come next. Looking forward to the next one.”

ecomm meet up – pre loved (1)

I’ve seen Rona Leslie, Lead Strategist at Yard, speak before at Brighton SEO.

Incredibly smart and conveys ideas really clearly. She delivered “Crafting a Winning eCommerce Strategy”

Crafting a Winning eCommerce Strategy_Rona Leslie

and said

“It’s time for us marketers to stop thinking about brand versus performance and instead consider how brand can elevate performance and vice versa. This ideology is also termed the full-funnel strategic approach. We’re seeing across the board how impactful it can be. But there are challenges we must overcome to get there. At Yard, we’ve identified three components that are pivotal to success. In short, they are accurate data, measurement capabilities and working in a manner that facilitates collaboration and learning. In this presentation, I cover how we’ve developed solutions to these very problems.“

Finally there was the rather wonderful Kate Little, MD of Digital Six, a long time supporter of the events and also shares a secret passion of mine, a love of NYHC!!

But rather than punk, she delivered a piece on “Where to take your eCommerce site in 2023”

We do this every couple of months or so. We would love you to come along and also, please do tell your peers in and around Edinburgh. You can keep in touch and find out about the events via our eCommerce Edinburgh meetup group. And if you want to speak, no sales, then let me know.

Thanking you