Our Commercial Director, Steve Beckett, recently attended eCommerce Scotland at the impressive Glasgow Science Centre. The conference was packed with great speakers and incredible brands such as Ooni, Walkers, Trespass, White & Mackay, Arran Sense of Scotland and Schuh.

A speaker on stage at the eCommerce Scotland event. The slide behind them shows the many Scottish ecom brands.

What struck us was a real sense of success, togetherness, and opportunity for Scottish companies to grow nationally and internationally as interest in Scottish-sourced produce grew overseas. After all, it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the Scottish economy and is perceived not to be fully recognised by the Scottish Government as no office statistics exist for revenue generated by eCommerce in Scotland.

A Speaker on stage at eCommerce Scotland

Furthermore, eCommerce encourages higher productivity levels than many other sectors and strives to provide equality in the workforce, more so than in many industries. Of course, improvements still need to be made.

A speaker at eCommerce Scotland showing the growth in ecom platforms.
Finally, it was also comforting to see the significant adoption rate of both Adobe Commerce / Magento and Shopify eCommerce platforms with those companies present at the event – both eCom platforms are very close to our hearts. I can’t wait to attend next year and perhaps even speak as part of our commitment to support the Scottish eCommerce economy.