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Camlab is a UK-based scientific laboratory equipment supplier that sells laboratory equipment online. PushON launched Camlab’s PPC campaign in September 2021, and the goal was to increase website traffic, sales and revenue, whilst reaching a £10 return on ad spend (ROAS).


Previously, the PPC campaigns struggled to drive relevant traffic which impacted Camlab’s conversion rate and therefore, sales and revenue. ROAS was also low, which made it challenging to build out the PPC account.

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Our Solution

To improve Camlab’s PPC performance, we implemented the following strategies:

Keyword research and optimisation: We performed extensive keyword research for Camlab’s core product categories to identify relevant, high-intent keywords that would help us target the right audience. We then optimised the campaign to focus on the most profitable keywords, improving the click-through rate (CTR) and Quality Score (QS) of the campaign. In addition to this, we re-structured Camlab’s shopping campaigns to help build data for each product as well as product category.

Ad copy optimisation: We created better targeted ad copy that included the most relevant keywords and highlighted Camlab’s unique selling proposition. We also created ad assets to support the ad copy and improve the user experience, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Bid management: We implemented a bid management strategy that focused on maximising ROAS. After collecting sufficient data, we adjusted bids based on the performance of each keyword, ad, and product. This strategy allowed us to allocate the budget more effectively and increase the number of sales while keeping the ROAS within the target range.

Audiences: We implemented remarketing campaigns to target users who had already visited the Camlab website. This strategy allowed us to re-engage with potential customers and increase the chances of converting them into sales. In addition to this, we started targeting interest-based audiences to support Camlab’s acquisition strategy. This helped us identify new customers with interests and purchase intent that we would have not expected previously.


The implementation of the above strategies resulted in significant improvements in Camlab’s PPC performance and has continued to grow. This is evident when comparing the last 6 months to the previous 6 months.

Traffic has increased by 48% along with CTR, 34%. The average CPC decreased by 15%. As a result, Camlab’s PPC campaigns generated a 127% increase in revenue and a 95% increase in sales. The overall account also became more profitable, with ROAS improving by 79% and hitting Camlab’s ROAS KPI.


By optimising the campaigns and implementing a bid management strategy, Camlab’s PPC campaigns was able to generate more sales and revenue while meeting the ROAS KPI. The remarketing campaigns also helped to re-engage with potential customers and increase the chances of converting them into sales.

These improvements have helped Camlab to achieve its goal of increasing traffic to its website along with increasing sales and revenue, The PPC campaign was a successful investment for the company and has resulted in Camlab investing more budget into their future PPC Campaigns.

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