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Invopak is the UK’s market leader in plastic and metal containers. For sixty years they have supplied British industry with buckets, tubs, tinplate’s, aluminium flasks and countless other forms of receptacles and packaging.

During this time Invopak has gained an in-depth understanding of their customer’s needs and in recent years they expanded to shipping products worldwide. In 2017, they won a Feefo Gold Trusted Award for customer service.

Invopak website demonstrated on laptop and mobile

PushON has been a trusted eCommerce partner of ours for the last 3 years since initially re-building our Invopak and OIPPS websites on Magento. They’ve been instrumental in helping us deliver growth online across both trade and consumer markets, creating business efficiencies and improving customer sign-ups. We are now working closely together with PushON to plan the next phases in our growth as a company across all our brands both for eCommerce and marketing

Danny Brady, Commercial & Operations Manager


Invopak required a complete B2B site rebuild with an additional B2C storefront. Due to the variety and complexity of their product range the site needed to have detailed product configurations – yet be simple enough for customers to find and order products quickly.

Their old site had a lot of issues surrounding ordering. This resulted in a large backlog of customer service issues which were having to be resolved by sales staff – using up key resources and stalling the growth of the business.

For staff, the site needed to offer a sophisticated administration portal and a product management/merchandising facility. Additionally, the sales team required an efficient method of placing orders to keep their time dealing with each customer to a minimum. In the simplest terms, the aim was to speak to more customers and provide a more efficient service.

Invopak website demonstrated on laptop
Invopak website demonstrated on mobile


Using Magento Commerce PushON were able to provide Invopak with a site that had full customer account capability with a tiered pricing system tailored to each customer.

The ordering process was optimised so that customers could browse product images and add to a basket or enter a shopping list of SKUs (Shop Keeping Units that identify characteristics about each product, such as manufacturer, brand, style, colour and size).


The new site dramatically reduced the number of problems their customers were facing when ordering online, freeing up sales staff from spending time on the phone resolving technical issues.

One month after launching the new site, Invopak received half as many new account registrations as in the entire period of 2011-2017.

A year on, the B2C arm of the business had tripled its revenue.


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