Creating a Paid Media strategy that drove a 1,240% increase in brand impressions, and a 635% increase in PPC clicks whilst decreasing CPC by 74%


MSC Direct is a leading industrial supplier that offers a comprehensive range of products and services to various industries. Specialising in providing essential tools, equipment, and supplies for manufacturing, maintenance, and repair, MSC Direct has established a significant presence in the UK’s industrial sector.


MSC Direct set out with a comprehensive objective aimed at enhancing its brand visibility, attracting potential customers, and achieving long-term growth. The primary goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) for this campaign were established to measure its success:

  • Boost Brand Visibility: MSC Direct recognised that, despite its presence in the industrial sector, there were many potential customers who were not familiar with the brand. The objective was to improve brand visibility among this audience. This involved targeting individuals who were actively searching for industrial tools, equipment, and supplies but might not have considered MSC Direct as their supplier.
  • Measure Through Impressions, Clicks, and Cost: To gauge the effectiveness of this digital marketing campaign, KPIs were established to provide clear and measurable results. These KPIs included year-on-year impressions to determine the increase in brand visibility, clicks to measure the success of attracting potential customers, and the cost of driving traffic as an indicator of the campaign’s efficiency in terms of advertising spend.
  • Long-term Customer Acquisition: While the immediate focus was on improving brand visibility and attracting new users, the broader focus was to lay the foundation for long-term customer acquisition. By creating a positive first impression and delivering value to unfamiliar users, MSC Direct aimed to cultivate a customer base that would continue to engage with the brand over time.

Our Solution

To effectively improve MSC Direct’s brand visibility in the competitive construction and industrial sector, our strategy was designed with a deep understanding of the unique challenges and dynamics of this industry. The non-brand search advertising strategy aimed to capture the attention of users who were actively searching for industrial tools, equipment, and supplies but were not necessarily familiar with MSC Direct.

The below elements of the strategy were tailored specifically to address the demands of the sector:

Industry-Specific Keyword Research: We conducted extensive keyword research, focusing on industry-specific terms relevant to the construction and industrial sector. These keywords were carefully selected to align with the products and services offered by MSC Direct.

Custom Ad Copy for Industrial Needs: Ad copy was customised to speak directly to the specific needs and challenges of users in the construction and industrial sector. The language and messaging emphasized how MSC Direct’s products and services catered to the demands of heavy industry, maintenance, and manufacturing. The ads highlighted reliability, product quality, and the company’s extensive inventory tailored to this sector.

Geographic Targeting: Geographic targeting was refined to focus on regions with a strong presence of construction and industrial businesses. By pinpointing specific locations, the campaign reached users in areas where the demand for industrial tools and supplies was highest.

Competitor Analysis: A key element of our strategy was to assess the competitive landscape within the construction and industrial sector. We analysed the strategies of competitors and identified opportunities to differentiate MSC Direct’s offerings, emphasizing factors like product range, pricing, and customer service.

Ad Extensions for Industrial Product Lines: Ad extensions were utilised to showcase specific product lines that catered to the construction and industrial sector. This allowed users to access detailed information about the products they were searching for directly from the search results.

Bid Strategy Aligned with Industry Demands: Bidding strategies were aligned with the unique demands of the construction and industrial sector. For high-demand, high-value keywords, we employed more aggressive bidding to maintain prominent ad placements. For more niche or long-tail keywords, we adjusted bids to maximise cost efficiency.

Regular Performance Analysis and Adjustments: Continuous monitoring and analysis of campaign performance were carried out, with a focus on identifying trends and adapting to shifts in the construction and industrial sector. This involved adjusting bids, refining keyword targeting, and optimizing ad copy as necessary.


  • Traffic Increase: There was a significant increase in website traffic, with all digital channels experiencing over a 1000% growth in relevant visitors year-on-year
  • PPC Clicks: PPC specific traffic saw a strong increase of 635% across all core product and category sets, demonstrating that the strategy effectively attracted potential customers to MSC Direct’s offerings.
  • Cost Efficiency: The cost per click (CPC) decreased by 74%, indicating that the optimisation methods successfully reduced advertising costs while maintaining or improving performance.
  • Brand Awareness: Impressions for new users surged by 1,240%, reflecting a substantial rise in brand awareness among users who previously may not have been aware of MSC Direct.

The success of this campaign demonstrates how a focused non-brand search advertising strategy can significantly increase brand visibility, drive traffic, and improve cost efficiency in a highly competitive industry.

By expanding their digital advertising strategy to reach new potential customers, MSC Direct not only increased its brand presence but also ensured a more cost-effective and measurable approach to online marketing. This case study showcases the potential of non-brand search advertising for businesses aiming to expand their customer base and strengthen their online presence.


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