A Significant Digital Transformation Project for Spectrum Brands

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Spectrum Brands Case Study

Spectrum Brands is a US-headquartered Fortune 500 branded products and global home essentials company. Their portfolio of brands includes Russell Hobbs, Remington and George Forman. Within the HPC division, the business eCommerce technology stack was dated, delivering inconsistent brand presence. Considering the changing nature of the High Street, these were critical issues to address.

As a global business, there are also reasonable control and consistency issues. With the best will in the World, it is difficult to avoid regional inconsistency in delivery from enthusiastic local teams. There is also a requirement to have consistent reporting at a global level. Obtaining data quickly and easily informs better business decisions.

As part of a significant digital transformation project, the Spectrum Brands team identified Magento Commerce as the eCommerce platform to drive their business forward. Its native functionality was critical to the selection process. In particular, the following functionality was key:

  • Scalability: Magento Commerce is resilient in handling massive traffic loads and transactions into the many millions. It is an enterprise eCommerce platform.
  • With multiple Store Fronts, Spectrum Brands needed to be able to manage all its brand sites through a single platform that catered for:
    • Multiple languages
    • B2B
    • D2C
  • Consistent and simple reporting across all deployments
  • Integration with the rest of their tech stack
  • Comprehensive native capability
  • Extensibility via a vigorous marketplace
  • SEO friendly
  • Mobile first
  • Capture of first-party data.
Russell Hobbs
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Another element of the tech stack is Linnworks. Magento Commerce integrates seamlessly with Linnworks. And, of course, we needed a solution for payments across the broadest range of methods and currencies. Adyen was the natural partner for this.

The project execution was complex. Though initially building a single site with a single storefront as a proof of concept, future requirements must be factored in across the multiple brands and territories. Similarly, integration into new deployments on the tech stack had to be coordinated.

PushON leads with thoroughly detailed project planning, which engages all the stakeholders and builds a multi-agency/ client project team. We build a detailed functional specification, which drives the project plan and delivery.

UX design which, of course, is mobile-first and data-driven, follows before executing the theme deployment.

Many projects are roadblocked by failing to dedicate sufficient resources to product data. And in the case where you are dealing with multiple brands and multiple product sets, it is critical to bring the complexity to the forefront. Similarly, understanding digital assets is a crucial element. Quality imagery adequately deployed in the correct format impacts conversion and SEO.

Speaking of SEO, we assign technical SEO to any eCommerce development project to ensure that the website launch is as seamless as possible regarding reach and ranking.

Before deployment, there is thorough testing before going into client User Acceptance Testing. With issues resolved, we sign off and move to launch. There will be post-launch issues with any complex projects. We test and fix it as a priority.


Post-launch we can measure the impact of what we have delivered. In the case of the Russell Hobbs website, we saw the following:

  • A quadrupling of session duration, 50% more than the industry average
  • A reduced bounce rate of 54 percentage points – that’s 17 percentage points below the industry average
  • 500% increase in page consumption
  • 61% increase in mobile users
  • 113% increase in sessions
  • The page load time was better than halved.

We were delighted that the work we delivered for Spectrum Brands was recognised with The European eCommerce Award for Electrical Appliances / Electronic eCommerce Website of the year. This is an award judged and delivered by experts in the sector, Peer reviewed.

Eauropean Ecommerce Award Winner