Remembering SAScon

Since 2010, SASCON has brought together and developed the digital marketing world from university students to marketing enthusiasts to some of the most influential marketers from across the globe.

Remembering SASCON is dedicated to just that; remembering SASCON.

For those who aren’t familiar with SASCON, it was a conference which represented the core segments within the online marketing world, including;

  • Search (organic and paid media)
  • Analytics
  • Social Media

Every year, the event was organised with a host of exciting speakers from some of the UK’s most reputable agencies and recognised brands. They provided attendees with a wealth of insightful knowledge about the latest trends and updates, tips and exciting internal news or projects.

There’s no doubt that digital marketing is booming in the North West, and Manchester has become a hotspot for agencies and blue-chip brands outside of London, and SASCON played a prominent part in developing the North West digital sector.

SASCON was one of the original digital marketing events, and it’s been exciting to see more conferences and meetups follow suit.

Although after eight years, SASCON retired and passed the baton on, it has been a pleasure to serve the digital marketing community. Everyone involved in the making of SASCON would like to thank all those who supported this event over the years, and of course, a special thank you to everyone who worked behind the scenes to ensure the events were a success.

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