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PushON is an award-winning full service eCommerce agency that provides a complete range of web development and marketing services. We create websites using the most powerful open-source platforms, and we push clients’ sales through optimisation, outreach, social media and content marketing.

eCommerce. Delivered.

PushON is currently a team of 30+ highly experienced specialists. We have always sourced the most talented individuals and taken on the brightest graduates, and we give them the space and the hands-on training to constantly improve their knowledge and stay up to date with the inevitable changes. We employ specialists in Magento, WordPress, copywriting, paid search, outreach, SEO, web development and graphic design, all augmented by a project managers, team leaders and account managers who keep the work flowing on time and on budget.


Our Journey

2005 – PushON Founded

PushON was founded in Manchester in 2005 on the back of Simon Wharton’s and Roy Wilding’s successful development company VirtuAffinity. They recognised a pressing need for quality web marketing in a field that was finding its feet but where expertise and ethics were often at odds with each other.

2009 – Magento Solution Partners

PushON were recognised as one of the UKs first Magento Solution Partners, joining the partner program in 2009. In the same year we built and launched a number of international eCommerce websites for Bench Clothing on Magento Enterprise.

2011 – Next door..

By 2011 we had outgrown our ten-person office at 217 The BoxWorks, and we started looking for new premises. Luckily the office next door at 216 The BoxWorks became available, and we grew into there.

2013 – New Horizons

216 & 217 The BoxWorks were now overflowing with staff, and we were having to find meeting space outside of the office! We began a search for a new home, and eventually settles on 111/112 Timber Wharf, with space for up to 40 people.

2015 – eCommerce. Delivered.

We engaged with an adviser to help us align our business plan, focus and strategy. Having reviewed our client portfolio it was clear that eCommerce should be our focus. We doubled down on our efforts and developed a new strapline (eCommerce. Delivered.) & branding.

2016 – Magento Meetups

Started running the official Magento Meetup in Manchester.

The Team

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Culture & Values

Our Company Culture Pledge

At PushON, company culture has always been extremely important to us. The company was founded by Simon Wharton and Roy Wilding in part due to their mutual experience of working together previously at a company where company culture was toxic and people worked in fear.

Positive workplace culture is essential to business productivity and toxic cultures are estimated to cost the UK economy £23.6 billion annually.

We believe people should enjoy being at work, feel supported and valued and for that reason we’ve signed the Breathe HR Culture Pledge to illustrate our committment to a positive company culture further.


PushON. Together.

We wanted to put our brand on the Breathe Culture Pledge so we’ve branded our pledge ‘PushON – Together’ because together we can support each other, together we are stronger and together we can do great things.

The feeling of togetherness is at the heart of good company culture, that sense that we’re all pulling in the same direction and working together only happens if the culture is right and people feel valued.

We’ve done a lot of the years to encourage and nurture good company culture, we haven’t always got it right and no doubt sometimes we’ve blurred the lines between promoting positive company culture and just having a good time.

Our signing the Breathe Company Culture Pledge is a commitment to review everything we have done, are doing, and build on that with an even stronger focus in future.

Building on Strong Foundations

At PushON we’ve celebrated together, commiserated together, danced together, bowled together, thrown axes together, crazy golfed together, drank beer together, brewed beer together, DJ’d together, run together, sung together, baked together, eaten cakes together, played football together, quizzed together, watched films together, BBQ’d together (rain or shine), played games together, learned together, consumed a wide range of cheese and wine together and dined together.

We’ll continue to do all those things and more, as well as continue our range of employee benefits which include.

  • Cycle 2 Work Scheme
  • Individual training budgets for all employees
  • Health Shield
  • Flexible working hours
  • Salary Extras Platform

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