CRO Marketing for eCommerce

Incrementally improve conversion rate to drive revenue from existing traffic

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) plays a fundamental role in eCommerce marketing. It can determine how a user views and interacts your website and be the difference between a conversion and shopping with a competitor. 

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eCommerce CRO

eCommerce CRO should be part of the functional specification stage of your web build, whether it is a Magento development project, Shopify or another custombuilt platform and part of any digital marketing strategy, including paid media or organic search 

If your website looks good and ranks well, but doesn’t convert, it loses value and purpose. All websites, whether it’s lead generation focused or eCommerce, should always provide the user with a positive experience and journey from landing on the site, to adding items to their basket, or completing a call to action. If you achieve this, you will gain returning customers and meet business KPIs.  

Analysing user behaviour from a marketing and eCommerce perspective is key to strategising. This can involve anything from how the content is positioned on the page, the tone of voice used, the relevancy of the content and how well it has been optimised to delivering high-quality paid ads targeting the right audience. 

Through testing, eCommerce CRO can improve conversion rates and revenue generated from your site. It can help us identify points of abandonment and how consumers behave on your website. PushON’s expert conversion rate optimisation specialists have the knowledge and skillset to investigate a user’s journey to the checkout page, as well as uncover why some journeys end early.  

eCommerce CRO testing is performed using various techniques and tools from heat mapping to split testing and other insightful diagnostic tests that track users’ behaviour online. We also use various marketing tools to support conversion rate optimisation, including Google Analytics, to monitor and analyse user behaviour. Our data specialists will provide a report on what actions need to be performed to improve the conversion rate and overall user experience on the website. 

Business Intelligence

UX and CRO

UX (User Experience) and CRO work in partnership. If CRO for marketing strategies are to be successful, a website not only needs to function well to support conversions, but it must be UX designled, which taps deeper into the consumer mindset and what sends off a signal for them to convert. 

There is a learning experience to be had to combine UX with CRO marketing for eCommerce websites. This is something that PushON can engage with your team on to find out what your target audience and customer base want, with our expertise in UX design and eCommerce website functionality. This can include anything from knowing what colours to choose for the key call to action buttons to the layout of pages, particularly product pages across all devices and how these affect conversion rates. 

Testing is paramount to success. Research and experimentation, along with feedback, will result in the optimal journey for customers and achieving year-on-year KPIs. Your site must convert users into paying customers, particularly in the current competitive marketplace. 

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