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For millions of customers, eCommerce is a part of everyday life. The convenience, choice and savings available online today means that more people than ever are buying online. It’s estimated that by 2021 the industry will be worth over £3.1 trillion.

PushON is a multi-award eCommerce digital agency.

Despite the growing number of eCommerce customers, only 14% of retail sales in the UK are made through eCommerce. This is a growth market, and there is a substantial amount of sales to fight for.

In order to win this business, a data-led eCommerce strategy is essential to win new business. At PushON, we help our clients to connect with their audience, at the right time, through the most effective channels. We work to devise on-brand marketing messages that connect with the public and place them where they can gain exposure, to the right people.

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eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Our team of data analysts and qualified search experts understand the way consumers behave online. We recognise the various stages of the customer journey, interest, research, comparison, and purchase. And we know how to ensure that our client’s brands are visible throughout the entire process.

When planning a strategy, we consider all possible routes. From Google Shopping ads to content-led campaigns, SEO audits and social media, our team is varied and possess a depth in knowledge across all digital media disciplines.

Great eCommerce marketing is not about a single medium. It’s about joined-up thinking and consistent messages across multiple platforms. It’s about harnessing a fully integrated data attribution model to maximise potential and stay cost-efficient.

Consumers are spoilt for choice. We can help you to stand out from the crowd. By understanding their buyer behaviour, it’s possible to locate and attract the right customers for your products and services.

We can also help you understand how the market demands are changing and how to stay ahead of the competition. With up-to-date information, you can adapt your products and services to meet the circumstances.

Any agency that you speak with today has its approach. But what makes PushON different is that we adapt to every client, providing you with a tailored service. We don’t just roll out a ‘standard practice’.

It’s not just about making a final sale. It’s about ensuring the way that your customers perceive your brand throughout the process is effective. This ensures that customers are more likely to develop a relationship with your brand.

Our eCommerce team includes a variety of skills and experience, from creative aspects such as content and PR to the more technical such as paid media, search engine optimisation, UX design and web development. This means that you can acquire the best potential gains, for the least amount of resource.

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