Marketing for Magento

Magento has a powerful SEO toolset built into the core platform, which, when applied effectively can help to boost your search engine rankings and accelerate growth online. Our Magento marketing team are trained to use Magento and understand the nuances from a Magento marketing perspective, whether that be Magento SEO, Paid Media, Paid Social or Social Media Marketing.

Magento SEO & Content Marketing

It’s important to understand that each eCommerce platform has its own nuances and ways of working. Our Magento SEO team understand Magento marketing and how the native toolset works. We also have a range of tools at our disposal to ensure that Magento has been configured optimally for search engines in order to maximise visibility within them. From a content marketing perspective, our team know how to make the best use of Magento’s native content management system, and work alongside our UX design team to create content that is both engaging and visually appealing.

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Magento PPC & Paid Social

Like all storefronts, eCommerce only works if traffic is driven to it. PPC and Paid Social are two very quick ways to drive traffic, and ultimately sales on your Magento website. Our experienced Magento PPC team use a range of tools; Paid Social, Remarketing and Retargeting to drive traffic to your website at a competitive CPC (cost per click) to drive ROI (return on investment). In eCommerce particularly Google PLAs are important, and our team have training on Magento PPC, and how to optimise Magento product feeds to work with Google PLAs.

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Magento Social Media Marketing

Consumers will discuss your product on social and other platforms whether you want them to or not; pictures on Instagram, updates on Facebook and posts on Twitter need to be monitored and engaged with in order to nurture a healthy discussion, protect your brand (where necessary) and drive revenue. Our Magento Social Media team can run your social channels or provide consultancy/best practice advice to assist your customer service teams.

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