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PushON is a full-service eCommerce agency, specialising in a variety of services including Magento marketing, paid media, organic search and Magento development. Specialising in eCommerce marketing, means we can offer a wide range of services that interact and complement each other.  

Marketing for Magento

Magento marketing is essential for eCommerce websites built on the Magento platform. It is critical to understand how the Magento platform functions, not only from a development and design perspective but from a marketing one too.  

Magento has a powerful SEO toolset built into the core platform. When applied effectively, it can enhance organic rankings on the search engines while promoting online visibility and overall website performance. PushON has a skilled team of Magento marketing specialists, who understand how the platform works and able to effectively work alongside our developers and UX team during website builds and design.  

Each eCommerce platform has its own distinctions and way of working, which is why our marketing team spends time understanding how each platform works to help inform strategies and recommend the best approach to achieve objectives. 


Magento SEO & Content Marketing

PushON’s Magento SEO team fully understand the Magento platform and how to best market your eCommerce business. We have a range of tools at our disposal to ensure that Magento has been configured optimally for search engines, to maximise visibility within them. When combing content marketing with Magento, our team know how to make the best use of Magento’s native content management system. They will work alongside our UX design team, as well as our Magento developers to create content that is engaging and visually appealing. 

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Magento PPC & Paid Social

Like all storefronts, eCommerce only works if traffic is driven to it and paid media is an effective menthod to achieve this. Whether this is through PPC or paid social, both channels offer quick opportunities to gain new visitors and website conversions, helping to promote your website and drive ROI through sales. PushON has an experienced and skilful paid media team that cover all areas within this medium from PPC, Google Shopping, Display Advertising, Paid Social Media, Remarketing and Programmatic. These specialisms within our Magento PPC team are effective in driving traffic to your website at a competitive CPC (cost-per-click) to improve ROI (return on investment). In eCommerce particularly, Google PLA’s are essential. Our team regularly stay up to date with Magento updates and training so they recognise how to optimise Magento product feeds to work with Google PLA’s. 


Magento Social Media Marketing

Consumers will discuss your products on social media and other platforms. Therefore product imagery on Instagram, as well as Facebook and Twitter updates must be monitored and engaged with, to nurture a healthy and positive online discussion while protecting your brand and drive revenue. Our Magento social media marketing team can support, consult, and manage your social channels to ensure best practices are being met and assist your customer service team on the best response approach. 

Magento Marketing Automation

Running a successful eCommerce store can be time-consuming. There are suppliers to negotiate with, stock levels to manage, orders to fulfil, and customers to service, all while ensuring your website is ranking highly. Anywhere you can improve efficiencies, save time, and increase profits is a lifeline.  

There are numerous marketing automation solutions for Magento that can be deployed to improve website profitability significantly. The dotdigital Engagement Cloud is a fantastic starting point. Customisable abandoned cart emails, customer onboarding programmes or omnichannel promotional communications, automated marketing solutions are all a critical part of the marketing mix.


Magento Marketing Automation

Running a successful eCommerce store is a time-consuming thing. You’ll have suppliers to negotiate with, stock levels to manage, orders to fulfil and customers to service. Anywhere you can improve efficiencies, save time and increase profits is a lifeline.

There are numerous marketing automation solutions for Magento that can be deployed to greatly improve your site profitability and we would recommend the DotDigital Engagement Cloud as a great starting place.

Whether it’s, customisable abandoned cart emails, customer onboarding programmes or omni-channel promotional communications, automated marketing solutions are a critical part of the marketing mix.

Talk to PushON about Magento marketing automation solutions that will work for you.

Magento Marketing Tools

Magento 2 has a marketing tools dashboard to support store owners practice and understand basic marketing principles. Please bear in mind that it is not a one-stop-shop of all your Magento marketing needs, but a starting place if you are short on budget and time. If you are planning to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2, or from another eCommerce platform, you will benefit from this tool and our team will support you with training. 

As part of Magento’s marketing tools, the functions enable users to set catalogue and cart price rules that trigger discounts based on various conditions set. The communications options allow users to customise all default notifications sent to the customer, as well as create newsletters, emails, and RSS feeds.

The SEO and Search section provides search term analysis and functionality to provide metadata, as well as set URL redirects and manage broken links. 

The Magento Marketing tool also has the capabilities to manage usergenerated product reviews and create an engaging experience for your customers.

PushON can assist in setting up the basic set of Magento’s marketing tools and advise in going beyond by deploying and customising a wide range of Magento marketing tools to suit your needs. 

For more information about Magento Marketing, have a chat with one of our experienced team members today on 0161 820 7628 or send us an email to sales@pushon.co.uk. 


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