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For eCommerce retailers, using Amazon advertising is a great way to diversify your revenue streams and broaden your customer base. When implemented correctly, products can gain broader exposure and reach millions of Amazon subscribers, concisely and cost-effectively. As well as finding new customers, businesses can also utilise the data Amazon provides about how people have responded to the ads. The result is that with each round of ads, it’s possible to optimise the process to improve performance and reduce wastage.

How Does Amazon Advertising Work?

Whether you sell books, cleaning products or hoodies in bulk, the convenience and affordability of Amazon are hard to match. Customers flock to the site for its ease of use, price comparison data and quick, often free delivery. In the UK alone, it’s estimated that nine out of ten people use the website regularly, and four out of ten are Amazon Prime members.

For business owners, this can work as a fantastic tool to supplement your website. In addition to the vast numbers of people using Amazon daily, there is also a swathe of Amazon PPC data that can be mined and used to refine your marketing process.

While platforms such as Facebook and Google have significant databases, Amazon understands the populations buying habits en-masse. Sellers can use this to analyse the consumer climate at large, including seasonal trends, spending habits and surges in demand.

Our team of qualified and experience Amazon advertising experts can help eCommerce managers reach their target market and create messages that will maximise visibility and sales, without overspending.

If you’re currently working with an Amazon ads vendor or you’re new to the process, we’ll work alongside you to construct a thorough campaign that will increase your ROI.

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Professionally Managed Amazon PPC

Our Amazon advertising experts will support you with your business needs to ensure business objectives are met while sharing their knowledge base with your team.

As well as hands-on support and advice from our Amazon PPC team, PushON will also provide you with an account manager. This means that you’ll be in direct and regular communication with the same person each week. We understand how important it is to build credible working relationships to get the best possible results.

Our account managers give regular updates and provide detailed monthly reporting outlining results, analysis, and next steps. This way, you can feel confident that your business is progressing in a way that you’re happy with.

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