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Social media has rapidly grown to become the driving force for attaining new customers and putting your products or services in front of your target audience. It has become the most direct way to connect a brand to its customers. Social media advertising has revolutionised how marketers reach out and target customers online through creative ads and refined targeting. It’s the most effective way to build engagement and raise brand awareness online.

Experience and Qualified Social Media Agency

Paid Social helps you reach the right people at the right time. Our social media team study and analyse market data that allows them to target online shoppers with pinpoint accuracy. In real terms, this means we drive visitors and conversions and generate tangible results for our clients. We understand that it’s not about hype and meaningless jargon; it’s about fiscal credibility. And we recognise that our clients’ budgets matter and that they expect results.

When placing ads on social networks, we can track the behaviour of the people engaging with each post. We analyse how people are responding and why. Applying this data-driven approach delivers consistent results and successful social media advertising campaigns.


Reach your Target Market with Paid Social Ads

What makes Facebook ads and other paid social channels so effective for businesses to advertise on, is the potential for demographic targeting. For example, we can target a paid social media campaign towards married women aged 25-30 living in Reading, and more specifically, we can target their stated hobbies and preferences – such as whether they like wine, or travel or hiking.

This ability to target, test, analyse the data and re-optimise our ad display messages is incredibly powerful. It means we can refine the process with each round of ads until we get it right.

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First Class Social Media Services

At PushON, our social media team are qualified and experienced in a wide range of platforms. We use cutting edge tools to A/B test posts and then scrutinise the results to understand how to improve and optimise campaigns.

Our paid social services across various platforms include:

· Strategy and content recommendations.

· Audience creation and segmentation across both prospecting and retargeting.

· Daily optimisation across campaigns, targeting and ad content.

· Both manual and automated budget and bid management.

· Conversion tracking set-up and optimisation.

· Ad copy creation and testing.

· Regular A | B Split Testing.

· Bespoke reporting on both a weekly and monthly basis, alongside regular communication.


LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn can be an extremely effective advertising tool for B2B businesses. Offering a network based solely on working professionals, LinkedIn Ads now offer a platform that can rival Facebook in targeting and advertising formats.

Whether your aim is to drive brand awareness amongst key industries or to generate leads, LinkedIn offers a highly effective social channel to target key B2B audiences.

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Twitter Advertising

Twitter ads are an excellent platform for promoting key content to your own followers and a broader social audience. As many users use Twitter as their primary news channel, it can work as a highly effective channel for key announcements and events.

Similar to LinkedIn, Twitter has improved its advertising platform with advanced targeting to rival that of Facebook. Remarketing, lookalike audience and interest targeting are all available to ensure that you capture the perfect audience for your brand.


Paid Social Media Benefits

Social media advertising can benefit your business in several ways from increasing ROI and conversions to enhancing brand awareness, engagement, and improve the number and quality of leads while keeping the average cost-per-link to a minimum.

Get in touch with our expert paid media team and let us help you build your social media presence and reach out to a broader audience.

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