Paid adverts help us to understand who your real audience is and who is most likely to interact, engage and convert with the content that is being shared. As part of PushON’s paid social media marketing strategy, our expert team will ensure that the adverts are fully optimised and are being shown to the right people.

PushON works with all key social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each social channel provides different ad types and reporting. Our team will consult with you on which social media platform is best suited to your business and needs.

Our social media specialists will report back on how the campaigns are performing, make suggestions and run A/B testing on the adverts. This is so we can ensure that your paid media budgets are being spent on the right channel and targeting the right audience and achieve objectives including ROI.

Audience Building & Targeting

One of the key advantages of targeting through social media is that you’re reaching out to people and not relying on target search terms.

PushON will create and define who your core audience is online based on data we can gather, as well as any information you provide us. We will also conduct an audience analysis which will provide you with insightful information that might not be aware of. Also, the information gathered regarding audiences helps us to create bespoke personas and tailored ad content that’s on-brand.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook and Instagram offer the single largest social media audience. As well as the audience on this platform being significantly bigger than any other, the targeting is more advanced than any other platform. So, aside from targeting by demographics, you can also target by interest or behaviour, household income, families, and so on. Facebook and Instagram advertising are managed through the same platform, Facebook Business Manager, to create a coordinated strategy across both platforms. Facebook advertising also support brick to mortar businesses who still heavily rely on footfall.

There are a variety of ads that we can create via Facebook and Instagram, so, whether your primary objective is to retarget your existing audience, create a competitor lookalike audience or build a new audience, our in-house team of specialists will support.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn can be an extremely effective advertising tool for B2B businesses. Offering a network based solely on working professionals, LinkedIn Ads now offer a platform that can rival Facebook in targeting and advertising formats.

Whether your aim is to drive brand awareness amongst key industries or to generate leads, LinkedIn offers a highly effective social channel to target key B2B audiences.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter ads are an excellent platform for promoting key content to your own followers and a broader social audience. As many users use Twitter as their primary news channel, it can work as a highly effective channel for key announcements and events.

Similar to LinkedIn, Twitter has improved its advertising platform with advanced targeting to rival that of Facebook. Remarketing, lookalike audience and interest targeting are all available to ensure that you capture the perfect audience for your brand.

Paid Social Media Benefits

Social media advertising can benefit your business in several ways from increasing ROI and conversions to enhancing brand awareness, engagement, and improve the number and quality of leads while keeping the average cost-per-link to a minimum.

Get in touch with our expert paid media team and let us help you build your social media presence and reach out to a broader audience.

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