Combining Geo-Targeting & PPC Conversion Pages for Cadogan Clinic


Cadogan Clinic is a private cosmetic and plastic surgery clinic based in Chelsea, London. They offer a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments and have been in operation for over a decade. Cadogan Clinic approached our agency with the objective of expanding their reach beyond London and driving more leads from potential patients in other cities across the UK.


Our challenge was to create a targeted and efficient PPC lead generation search campaign that would drive leads and increase brand awareness in three new locations. The target locations were Essex, Bristol & Birmingham. Cadogan Clinic had previously only targeted London with their PPC campaigns and had limited experience in targeting other regions via Paid Media.

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Our Solution

To meet the challenge, our team conducted extensive research on the target locations to identify the most effective keywords and ad copy. We created location-specific campaigns with tailored ad copy that would resonate with potential patients in each location.

To ensure we were targeting the right audience, we set up a series of location-specific conversion pages. These pages were designed to align with the ads and keywords we were using and were optimised for maximum conversion rates and improve quality scores. We used advanced analytics, conversion rate optimisation and A/B testing to track user behaviour and made iterative improvements to the pages over time.

To increase brand awareness in the new locations, we implemented geotargeting to ensure that the ads were only shown to users within a certain radius of the target cities. We also implemented brand-focused ad copy that emphasized the quality and reputation of Cadogan Clinic.


Our approach delivered exceptional results for Cadogan Clinic. Within three months of launching the campaign, we had generated a substantial uplift in leads from the three target locations. The cost-per-acquisition was up to 50% less than London, which allowed us to scale spend efficiently and the conversion rates on the location-specific pages exceeded expectations, indicating that we had successfully targeted the right audience with the right messaging.

In addition to generating leads, our campaign also increased brand awareness in the new locations. Cadogan Clinic received a significant increase in brand searches from users in Essex, Bristol & Birmingham.

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Our PPC lead generation search campaign was a resounding success for Cadogan Clinic. By leveraging location-specific ad groups and conversion pages, and utilising geotargeting and brand-focused ad copy, we were able to generate a substantial uplift in leads and increase brand awareness in three brand new locations. Our iterative approach to optimisation ensured that we continually improved the campaign’s effectiveness over time.

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