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As a leading Magento agency and Professional Solution partner, PushON offers impeccable standards of ingenuity, design and commerciality. Our team combines analysis, experience and imagination to provide Magento eCommerce storefronts that drive sales and improve day-to-day functionality. Whatever industry sector you operate in, we’ll find solutions to make your Magento eCommerce website more efficient, using the latest Magento extensions to deliver a fully-customised and functional website and ensure that the intricacies of your business are catered for.

Magento Development

Our certified and experienced Magento development team work with you to develop a best-in-class Magento website.

Magento UX Design

Our user experience (UX) design team will work alongside you from wireframes through to prototypes to ensure your website meets both your and your customers requirements.

Magento Migration

Migrating to Magento 2 from Magento 1 should be straightforward. We have a set process we follow with clients.

Magento Integration

Integrating Magento with third-party systems such as ERP, WMS or OMS is a mainstay of Magento projects.

Magento Support

Once your website has launched we can help support you with ongoing maintenance as well as continual/road-map development.

Magento B2B

PushON is an accredited Magento 2 development agency with certified Magento eCommerce experts all based in-house at our Manchester office.

Magento Marketing

PushON is a full-service Magento eCommerce agency with marketing and development all under one roof. With accredited developers, designers and Google Certified digital marketers working together, we can promise you eCommerce, delivered.

Magento Agency

As a leading Magento agency and Professional Solution partner, PushON offers impeccable standards of ingenuity, design and commerciality.

Our team combine analysis, experience and imagination to provide domains that drive leads and improve day-to-day functionality.

Whatever industry you trade in, we’ll find solutions to make your Magento website more efficient, using the latest Magento extensions to deliver a fully-customised and functional website and ensure that the intricacies of your business are catered for.

Magento 2

Magento 2 is specially designed with ambitious retailers in mind.

The platform offers online retailers a customisable eCommerce platform powered by a practical and user-friendly interface. Having been in development since 2010, the latest version of Magento 2 offers a wide range of benefits including;

  • Improved performance
  • Improved user experience
  • More efficient checkout process
  • Search optimisation friendly
  • Updated technology to support mobile devices

Fewer bottlenecks during development

Magento Partners

If you’re considering expanding in a new marketplace or struggling to adapt to the demands of changing technologies, a Magento Solution partner can help bring your eCommerce ideas to life.

As Manchester’s leading Magento 2 Professional Solution Agency, we’re here to guide you through the process of research and site construction. Our partnership with Magento ensures that we are trusted to create engaging customer experiences via Magento Commerce.

Choosing an eCommerce partner is a vital element of any business’s strategy. As a Magento 2 trained solution partner, PushON is certified to deliver outstanding user experience. This includes devising a custom digital strategy, customisation development, configuration integration and deployment.

“Our solution partners are trained, certified trusted companies that are on the development journey with you every step of the way.” – Magento

Magento Support

A fully operational Magento 2 website provides customers with a user experience that is second to none. Here at PushON, we offer our clients a support package that ensures their domains are running in the most efficient manner possible.

No matter the size of your eCommerce business, downtime is a major problem.

With a Magento support package, your business can be safeguarded to ensure that any bugs or functional issues are solved.

As a business owner, you need peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, you can trust your agency to restore your eCommerce platform to full working order.

Our certified development team are on hand to identify and solve issues as well as maintain and conduct regular site audits.

Qualified Magento Developers

PushON has a team of qualified, passionate developers. They are well versed in the intricacies of eCommerce and ensuring our customer’s websites are not identikit builds but rather fully functional websites, fit for their specific purpose.

They are knowledgeable, friendly and generous with their time, focused solely on getting your site operating efficiently and taking payments so you can spend more time meeting the needs of your customers.

Once a site is live and operating, our team monitor and maintain with ongoing technical support - casting their eye over each account, looking to reduce and remedy issues before they arise. They fully understand that extended downtime costs money and these kinds of technical site issues can have a negative effect on your business and corrode the trust and patience of your customers.

Peer Code Review

A thorough code review improves your security and limits the potential of your website becoming corrupted by hackers. At PushON none of the work undertaken by our developers is published without being subjected to a thorough review.

This practice is particularly important if you are using several developers on a project. It will improve the stability of the code, ensuring quality throughout.

The reviews are performed by code authors that are qualified and experienced. They offer an eye for detail and ensure that there are no obvious logic errors in the code.

If you'd like to know more about our approach to peer code review contact a member of our team today on 0161 820 7628 or via email -

Magento’s Exciting New Features

Magento has always offered eCommerce website owners a swathe of features to improve their functionality and the latest edition of the software is more flexible, scalable, streamline and secure than ever before.

If you’re considering making the switch to Magento 2 soon, expect some exciting options from the new platform. Some of the most useful and impactful additions include Elastisearch, better product display and a more streamlined working process.

The new M2 Filters are brilliant for organising results on the page and to look at a specific subset of products or orders. This data is available to analyse and monitor to keep track of customer behaviour on your store.

There is also a new admin panel design. The navigation is simpler, making it easier for new staff to learn and to gain access to information. This is customisable for each user and it helps to improve the productivity of managing products, orders and customer data. The aim of Magento with this re-design is to reduce the amount of time spent on admin.

Magento Meetup Events

Our stature within the Magento and eCommerce community is supported by hosting quarterly Magento Meetup events in Manchester, on behalf of Magento. The success of these evenings has led to the launch of similar events in London and Bristol, expanding our reputation across the UK.

During the meetups, attendees have the opportunity to listen to a wide range of industry experts talk about the exciting new developments happening in the world of Magento.

PushON doesn’t host these events to promote our business, we do it to develop digital marketing including eCommerce, online marketing and Magento/web development in Manchester, and further afield.

We’re always looking for speakers and sponsors to support our meetups, so if you want to showcase your knowledge and expertise in a particular digital marketing field, please get in touch.

Magento, Content Marketing, SEO

PushON worked closely with PureTec to develop a full eCommerce destination complete with Magento, Content Marketing and SEO services. is a fully responsive domain that looks incredible and is fully functional on all devices.

Magento, B2B, B2C

Ilford Photo

PushON implemented a fresh Magento 2 build with a set of features designed to attract photographers of all levels of experience.

Our Clients

  • Liverpool ONE
  • Medline
  • NUS
  • Virginia Hayward
  • Ilford Photography
  • Hedges Direct
  • Rude Wines

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