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Magento 1x. and Magento 2x. Audits

Conducting Magento audits is part of we do, particularly for Magento migrations. There are many reasons why we perform Magento audits and why our clients are keen to see how the platform is functioning and what issues can be fixed. But, the focus remains the same, to maximise the performance and capability of your Magento eCommerce website.

Our Magento audits are split into three distinct offerings; Magento Build Audit, Magento Performance Audit and Magento Frontend Audit. This modular approach allows us to tailor the Magento audit to your business and requirements.


What does the Build Audit cover?

The Magento Build Audit covers the following areas of your Magento website:

  • Modifications to core code
  • Extension review (bespoke & third-party)
  • Integration review
  • Server configuration
  • Magento configuration

Magento Build Audit

The Magento Build Audit is the most popular website audit that we are asked to do. This type of eCommerce audit focuses on ensuring the stability, integrity, and capability of your Magento website(s). One of our Magento Certified Developers will analyse your website against a performance checklist, ensuring the site meets best practice and is implemented correctly.

For all eCommerce site audits that we perform, we will use a RAG system (red, amber, green) to signify whether the issues found are high, medium, or low priority. We will provide estimates and reasoning alongside each action for transparency and to keep you informed.

Magento Performance Audit

In addition to the Magento Build Audit, which predominately covers the core platform, a supplementary audit is conducted; the Magento Performance Audit. This type of audit concentrates on website performance, covering server configuration. Again, a Magento Certified Developer would conduct the audit and present you with actions, alongside your Project Manager and Account Manager.


Objectives of the Magento Frontend Audit

The Magento Frontend Audit primary objectives are:

  • Identify functional issues
  • Highlight non-functional issues
  • Discover browser and device specific issues
  • Establish user-experience issues

Magento Frontend Audit

The Magento Frontend Audit works slightly differently compared to the Performance and Build Audits. Our QA (Quality Assurance) team will run a website audit while your site is in development or if the site is suffering from a multitude of quality issues within the frontend. Our team conduct an exploratory test of your website across a range of devices and browsers, culminating in a detailed report. The report lists browser/device-specific issues, as well as any issues that currently exist across all browsers and devices.

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Beyond Audit

What happens when the Magento audits are complete? Once our team have completed your website audit, we will present it you, alongside a quotation for resolving the issues highlighted using the RAG system. Issues flagged as high priority are marked as red and must be resolved immediately. The issues marked as a medium priority are shown as amber, and low priority will be green. These findings should be prioritised accordingly.

For more information on our ongoing Technical Support offering, please view the Magento Technical Support page.

How long does a Magento Audit take?

The number of days depends on the number of constituent parts comprising the Magento Audit. In addition the following questions must be answered:

  • What version of Magento are you on?
  • How many websites are you running?
  • How many integrations are involved?
  • How many extensions are installed?

Magento Security Audit

Like with any eCommerce website, the security of your Magento store is critical. Regular updates and patches to prevent any breaches are essential, which is something the Magneto Security Audit can support.

PushON clients have security patches and updates are applied as and when they are released. New clients with legacy sites will require a security audit to highlight any potential security issues.

PushON is a Foregenix Partner, which means we can offer you a retained support package that regularly scans your website and highlights any potential security issues. So you can rest assured that with PushON, you have peace of mind knowing your site is secure and your customer data is protected.

Complete Recommendations of Existing Magento Audits

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that a previous website audit has been completed thoroughly enough to pinpoint all potential issues. However, as part of our service, PushON can complete fixes as part of our retained Magento support package. Alternatively, we can implement the fixes as a one-off project, which is charged separately.

Ideally, we would prefer to perform the Magento audit and work alongside our auditing processes. It is a method that we been following for years, and one that we are confident will highlight any potential issues that require urgent attention. It also helps our Magento developers understand your website more, enabling us to provide you with more practical recommendations.


Magento eCommerce Store Audit

While the various flavours of Magento audit we offer aim to highlight technical issues with the website build quality, technical performance, visual issues across browsers and device types, and any holes within the site security, there are a plethora of other factors to consider. These include:

  • Are you target customers able to find your Magento store online?
  • Can your target customers easily find the products they are looking for and purchase quickly and easily?
  • Are your customers incentivised to return?

These are just some of the other factors to consider during the eCommerce auditing process, and an area that our Magento developers and Magento Marketing team can support with.

For more information about Magento Audits, or other eCommerce platform website audits, have a chat with one of our experienced developers today on 0161 820 7628 or send us an email to sales@pushon.co.uk.

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