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Attaining backlinks to your website is essential, but they must be high-quality and relevant to have a positive impact. PushON always stands by quality over quantity when it comes to backlink acquisition. Outreaching to attain authoritative backlinks plays an influential role in SEO. High-quality and relevant links to your website help strengthen the equity of a site while improving performance such as keyword positioning. It’s not just for SEO value; it has a significant impact on brand too. A successful content marketing campaign can raise your brand profile online and attract new customers, therefore, having a positive commercial value for your business.

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Content Marketing Campaigns

PushON is one of Manchester’s leading digital PR agencies with a skilled and experienced outreach marketing team. We work to the highest standards, combining backlink profile analysis, link building and search optimisation to ensure our client’s messages are noticed ahead of the competition’s.

With a passion for communication and media, we are consistently searching for opportunities while identifying and building relationships with influencers.

Content Marketing
Social Media

Connecting you to the media

When observing influencers on behalf of our clients, we implement a thorough audit to ensure they are the right match. We take in and compare audience size, relevancy, and engagement levels, amongst other factors.

A thorough backlink audit highlights how your site is currently performing and can answer key questions such as do you have spammy links negatively affecting your authority? When was your last disavow file? How does your link profile rank against your competitors?

Our team offer expertise in creating and implementing an outreach strategy using keyword analysis and media insights.

We use SEO link-building strategies alongside brand awareness and influencer campaigns.

Our marketing and outreach methods increase our client’s profiles both in search engines and amongst online customers. We are helping them to promote their messages to those that want to see them.

We Offer the Following Services

To help you gain a share of the voice online that will drive new visits to the website and improve overall website performance, we also offer the following services to run alongside our content marketing campaigns and strategies.

· Backlink Profile Analysis

· Competitor Audit

· Link-building Strategy

· Content Creation

· Outreach to Media and Journalists

Digital PR and Outreach

Our digital PR and outreach strategies are planned carefully. Before crafting any creative work, we like to gain an understanding of the wider environment. We gauge your business goals, the target market and the media that surrounds them.

Print Media vs Digital PR

Marketers use different parts of the media to get their messages to the public. Whether it’s traditional forms such as newspaper, radio, television or digital mediums such as social media and online publications, each has a different goal and requires a different approach. At PushON, we understand how to utilise these channels to benefit your business.

PR for SEO

One of the benefits of receiving great PR for your business is the SEO value it can add to your website. When a publication links to your pages or a social media user shares your content, it indicates to Google that your work is useful and interesting. This will you help you to perform better in searches for terms relating to your industry.

Utilising the Latest PR Technology

The world of PR never stops moving. At PushON, we have cutting edge tools to ensure that the information we are using to promote your business is up to date. These tools help us to find, sort and contact some of the nation’s leading journalists across a variety of industries.

PR and Content Ideas

PR is all about creativity. Whether it’s marketing campaign ideas or the way you communicate to the press. Original ideas are priceless when it comes to promoting your brand. The team at PushON are well-versed in finding and executing ideas to maximise exposure. We use tried and tested techniques of ideation and stay in tune with what’s happening in the media.

Make Contacts in Your Industry

An important part of any digital PR outreach campaign is making contacts within your industry. Our team put in place structures to attain higher open rates on emails and ensure that journalists are excited to engage with the content that’s been produced.

Press Releases

There is a masterful technique to structuring the perfect press release. It’s essential to adapt it to different industries to encourage journalists to engage with the content.

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