Creating Xmas Magic with Multi-Channel Marketing – Marvin’s Magic


Marvin’s Magic is a UK-based company that specializes in creating magic sets and performing tricks for children and adults alike. The company approached PushON to help them increase their online sales through paid media campaigns.


Marvin’s Magic wanted to achieve a significant increase in revenue during the months of September to February, especially during the peak season, which included Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They also wanted to increase their online visibility and reach new customers in the UK.

Marvin's magic hat magic box set

Our Solution

PushON developed a comprehensive paid media strategy that included Google Ads, YouTube Ads and Meta Ads, alongside support from organic TikTok content. We focused on creating highly targeted and relevant campaigns that would reach the right audience at the right time.

Our team carried out detailed keyword research to ensure that we were targeting the most relevant keywords for the brand, and we briefed in a number of engaging video ideas that showcased products through demonstrations via Marvin’s Magic’s team, including Marvin himself! These videos were shown across multiple paid media inventory levels and at different stages of the user journey to fall in line with our See, Think, Do, Care strategic approach.

By measuring metrics across the full user journey and building out campaigns that acted as levers to increase or decrease spend based on performance within the funnel, we were able to build a rigid full journey campaign stack across Google Ads and Meta by the peak Christmas trading period of November through to January.


Our paid media campaigns for Marvin’s Magic were highly successful, resulting in a 291% increase in revenue in November compared to the same period in the previous year. The campaigns drove significant traffic to the website, resulting in the best month in the site’s history!

Performance peaked with the strongest day on record over Cyber Monday, which was 110% up on 2022. Black Friday also beat all previous targets with revenue up 235% year-on-year. Our campaigns also helped increase the brand’s online visibility, resulting in a 150% increase in website visitors from the UK.

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