A TikTok Campaign Promoting a New Line of Video Greetings Cards

Hallmark’s ‘More Than Words’ TikTok Case Study

PushON presented a campaign idea to Hallmark to promote the new Video Greeting Card collection through TikTok influencers and paid social ads. The campaign went live in early April 2022, beginning with the paid social ads, followed by the influencers.

About Hallmark

Hallmark is one of the world’s most iconic greeting card companies, loved by families across the globe for generations. Initially founded in 1910, Hallmark has become the go-to destination for special occasions.

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The Brief

Hallmark approached PushON to support launching and advertising their new range of Video Greetings Cards, an innovative new way to connect with friends and family via a scannable QR code.

PushON already had a strong relationship with Hallmark, having successfully led on their paid social and SEO strategies. So, they left it up to us and our experts to decide how to raise awareness of the brand-new product range.

The Solution

PushON recommended that Hallmark promote the new Video Greeting Card collection through an exciting TikTok influencer campaign, supported by paid social ads.

The campaign was to answer the age-old question of ‘What am I supposed to write on this card?!’’. We suggested a product-focused campaign that takes us back to basics while highlighting the edge of QR video cards over traditional cards.

We opted to use TikTok for the campaign as it’s a great platform for brand awareness, new product launches and campaign support. The potential audience reach is limitless as it’s based on a personalised algorithm, and the app is a (relatively untapped) goldmine for content creators.

TikTok has a dedicated marketplace to find and contact influencers, which we used to find creators we knew would resonate with Hallmark’s target audience. We looked at engagement rate, follower count and overall relevancy to the Hallmark UK brand to make sure we were working with influencers that we knew would get us results.

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The Results:


To inspire our influencers to get creative, we set them an open brief. Their content had to clearly show how the card worked and stay true to the Hallmark brand, but other than that, we wanted to see their unique take – and did they deliver! Just take a look at the results.

Becki Jones

Watch the video here: https://www.tiktok.com/@beckijones4/video/7091726008788864261

  • TikTok Followers (at the time): 309k
  • Video Likes: 8709
  • Video Views: 103.4k
  • Video Comments: 158
  • Video Shares: 31

Jessica Denning

Watch the video here: https://www.tiktok.com/@missjessicadenning/video/7095767502369737989

  • TikTok Followers (at the time): 29k
  • Video Likes: 149
  • Video Views: 3238
  • Video Comments: 2
  • Video Shares: 11

Demi Yates

Watch the video here: https://www.tiktok.com/@notsobigd/video/7099093127914376454

  • TikTok Followers (at the time): 222k
  • Video Likes: 516
  • Video Views: 18k
  • Video Comments: 2
  • Video Shares: 3

The Famileigh

Watch the video here: https://www.tiktok.com/@thefamileigh/video/7107660756488850693

  • TikTok Followers (at the time): 757k
  • Video Likes: 10.9k
  • Video Views: 137.9k
  • Video Comments: 28
  • Video Shares: 17

Paid Social:

Using the highest-performing audiences from previous campaigns, PushON added new interests to the targeting and change the goal from conversion metrics to landing page views.

We started with competitive audience testing to find the most engaged pool of potential customers before narrowing this down to the highest-performing audience. In this case, it targeted people searching for gifts, toys and gift shops – spot on for Hallmark – and this audience generated 40% of total traffic from the ads.

In total, the paid social campaign generated an impressive 25,104 website visitors through both Facebook and Instagram placement ads alone.

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