Silver Cross Case Study

When you think of prams, you think of Silver Cross. Undoubtedly, the most prestigious brand in the sector for decades, a heritage brand that is anything but dated or complacent. a modern, dynamic digital-first brand that has a clear understanding of its audience, its advocates and how to engage them.

We believe that Silver Cross is not only a leading luxury children’s brand; it is an exemplar of a modern retail brand that has a strategy that will secure and grow the brand over the upcoming years.


Silver Cross is a highend brand trusted by parents for many generations. The core of the brand is the very best in travel systems for parents and their babies. Premium engineering with heritage style as amply demonstrated by the partnership with British premium heritage brand, Aston Martin and the Silver Cross Surf Aston Martin Edition. The detail on the product exemplified the standards necessary in a true British heritage brand. And it is this attention to detail and materials that drive the strategy coming into and out of 2020.

Product Strategy

It is difficult to sell a family more than one pram, but the heritage value of the Silver Cross has incredible resonance. The nursery is the focus of the new family life, where the most treasured person in the family has their world. It is the parent’s need to nurture and care for their child, which Silver Cross satisfied by developing a range of nursery furniture that was uncompromisingly stylish and had the detail and care that parents wanted.

A key product range launch was the Hoxton collection of nursery furniture. It placed Silver Cross at the centre of the nursery industry with a careful minimalist design for the modern home and with the features you might expect: expert craftsmanship, soft-close doors and pared-back edges. This was the right product set at the right time.

The issue to address was the migration from the High Street for the savvy shopper, which was accelerated by the global pandemic and lockdown. The Silver Cross audience has a budget and is very digital.


Understanding how parents and prospective parents were likely to behave in lockdown was key to how Silver Cross spoke to customers and satisfied their needs. We believed that there would be a strong need to nurture and protect, and with the limitations on being outside, making the home and nursery a stylish and safe cocoon.

We knew that we could reach that audience via online marketing despite the lack of a High Street. We could identify prospective and existing parents via social media to initially engage with the brand and its values. Once we had done that, we could ensure that we were prominent throughout the purchase journey.

New product deployment

We deployed a range of ads across all product ranges using a multi-channel strategy. The Hoxton collection emphasised the care and consideration that had gone into the products they would entrust their child to. We worked on features that addressed pain points, such as the use of materials with anti-bacterial elements. A key feature we worked with was bamboo-based materials which have an anti-bacterial capability. With Corona Virus front of mind for parents, this resonated.

Once the customer is engaged and our language is about bundles, we can help the customer complete their caring needs with nursery sets, travels systems, clothes and toys. We have earned the customer’s trust.

We see PushON as a vital extension of our in-house team and have immensely enjoyed working with them over the last four years, both professionally and personally.

PushON has managed to grow our site revenue by 190% over the last 12 months using both PPC and Paid Social whilst increasing our ROI by 57%. We are now reaching a larger audience with a much stronger market position and achieve 40% sales via Paid Media.

They are proactive, diligent and very driven to achieve our marketing goals and objectives. Anything we could wish for in a partner we get from PushON, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other businesses

Sam Wilson, Head of Digital & eCommerce

How did Silver Cross perform?

Where others fell away through a dependency on the High Street, Silver Cross grew massively through the digital channels, as some headline results indicate.

Headline Website Metrics

  • Increased site revenue by 118% in 2020 vs 2019
  • Increased conversion rate by 51% in 2020 vs 2019
  • Increased traffic to the site by 29% in 2020 vs 2019
  • Increased transactions to the site by 123% in 2020 vs 2019
  • Generated first-ever £1m online in one month in 2020 since beaten in 2021 when £1.2m was achieved.
  • Drove 2.06m new users to the site in 2020, which was 47% more than 2019, building a brand audience.

Paid Media Metrics

As we showed earlier, this was a digitally-led strategy with paid media to address the urgency of needing immediate demand:

  • Increased PPC revenue by 212% in 2020 vs 2019
  • Increased transactions by 281% in 2020 vs 2019
  • Increased conversion rate by 54% in 2020 vs 2019
  • Delivered the strongest Black Friday of all time, up 12% year-on-year
  • Delivered the strongest January sale of all time

Increased site revenue by 118%

51% increase in conversions

Increased transactions by 123%

Generated first £1m online in one month

UK Paid Media Award Winner 2022 Badge, shown in green and orange.
In 2022, PushON won the Paid Media Agency Led Agency Campaign of the Year for Silver Cross