PushON Shortlisted for TWO Biddable Media Awards

There was jubilation in the office today as news reached us that our Paid Media team had been nominated for not one, but TWO Biddable Media Awards! 

The categories are ‘Display Campaign of the Year’ and ‘Best Integrated Biddable Campaign.’ 

Alex Hogan, Head of Paid Media at PushON, explains why this campaign was so noteworthy...

We’re very proud of the work the Paid Media team has done with Hardsoft Computers, so it’s fantastic to be recognised in this way.  

In January 2019, we began working with Hardsoft on Google Display campaigns to build brand awareness. The aim was to create a ‘Commuter’ audience profile using the data gathered and target travellers on the London underground, driving traffic to the website and the wider business, Hardsoft Computers.  

Geo-targeting was applied to all ads within a 2km radius of each tube and railway station in London. The data collected included engagement, location and time of day. This information allowed us to create a feedback loop which informed the wider business’s campaigns and offline marketing efforts. 

We identified the locations which were most engaged and offered the highest-conversion rate. We also understood when to target our key demographics via ad placements and the most fruitful times of the day. This provided a more accurate ‘commuter’ profile for us to work with and increased efficiency with each round of ads.  

Exceptional Results and Strong Foundations

In terms of results, our ads were shown to (impressions) 1.7 million users for a total of £1,839.82. This resulted in 4400 new users visiting the site.  

The campaigns generated 273 conversions costing 21.62 each. Given that the lifetime value of a new customer is up to £200k, this is an exceptional return. Cost per Click was  £0.22.  

CPM was £1.03 – 50% less than the industry average and cost 50% less to run than the industry average display campaign. 

Click-Through Rate peaked at 1.01% on the last day of the campaign, which was 419% higher than all other Hardsoft display campaigns and 188% higher than the industry average.  

272 users were channelled into the remarketing funnel that then had a 2nd engagement with the ads. Over 2 million impressions were shown to highly targeted users who fit Hardsoft ‘commuter profile, and most impressions came via 25 – 44-year-olds (35-44-year olds were most engaged).  

The campaign was hugely successful and demonstrates PushON’s ability to apply online data to display advertising innovatively and effectively. Long term, a foundation has been provided for Hardsoft to execute more effective campaigns and assign data and an ROI to traditional above the line marketing.” 

Sophie Morgan is the Business Development & Partnerships Manager at Hardsoft Computers. ..

“We have been advertising on the London Underground for 7 years and have never been able to measure ROI. Alex Hogan and the team at PushON has delivered exceptional results and taught us to push the limits of Paid Media to maximise our offline marketing – genius!” 

Congratulations to Alex and the Paid Media team for their nominations!  

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