Welcome to the inaugural edition of Ashley’s AI Corner. I’ll offer you a small glimpse into the weird and wonderful experiments I’m conducting each month with the help of Microsoft’s Generative AI, Copilot. These could range from me using AI to create a Meal Plan to using AI to build (& manage) my Fantasy Premier League team.

It’s rude not to introduce oneself, so…Hello, I’m Ashley, one of the Senior SEO Specialists at PushON. I’ve worked in SEO for close to 6 years, both in-house and agency-side, with Content & Technical SEO as my focus areas.

With the introductions done, let’s dive into what I’ve been playing around with this month!

What’s The Task?

If you’re like me, you’re tired of the UK weather and how it’s still chucking it down in March (why is it 4 degrees!?). That’s why I’ve set my sights on July, Summer in full swing, and a 7-day trip booked to the lovely island of Malta. I can already taste that poolside Negroni.

I’ve booked this trip away with 5 friends, and we’ve already had the classic argument about what we will do when we land. That’s where Copilot steps in. I’ve challenged the AI tool to craft a 3-day itinerary that blends adventure, relaxation, and a dash of spontaneity. Activities galore, tan lines optional.

Hey Copilot, Where Should We Visit?

First, with any AI, whether that’s Copilot, ChatGPT, or Gemini, you need a prompt that will get you the answers to your questions. A rule of thumb is to give the AI as much information as possible when prompting, as this will help them provide a more concise answer, although you can still be provided with some incorrect information from time to time* (*AI isn’t perfect, so you can still end up with some blips here and there. Be sure to review the information you have been given)

For my prompt, I went for this:Copilot AI Prompt requesting a 3 day itinerary when visiting Malta

I’ve told Copilot I need a 3-day Itinerary for 6 people. We’re looking to explore the island’s history through sightseeing while also focusing on food and drink. I’ve even told Copilot that the group consists of a few foodies, some film buffs, and one adventure seeker (hoping for a mixture of recommendations).

And here’s what Copilot sent back:
Copilot Prompt Answer showing the first day of an itinerary focusing on Valletta and The Three Cities

Day 1 already sounds good. Day 2 tells the group to get a ferry across to Gozo (the smaller Maltese island) and try to go to Comino to experience the Blue Lagoon. Day 3 mentions visiting Mdina & Rabat, both of which sound exciting.

However, we can expand on some of these recommendations for more information. For example, I want to know more about Mdina & Rabat and why they have been recommended. To do this, all we must do is prompt Copilot in the same conversation:

Copilot AI prompt asking to expand on information supplied about Mdina and Rabat

And again, Copilot spent no time getting me the information I needed:

Breakdown explaining the city of Mdina and what tourists can do when visiting

Copilot, again, has surprised me with the information that it has provided. I didn’t realise how much history Mdina has been a part of, especially with its link to different civilisations. Copilot also remembered that we have some film and TV buffs within our group, as it’s highlighted how the entrance to Mdina was used in the hit show Game of Thrones.

All in all, I’m excited to visit Mdina and Rabat more than anywhere else. But I think that’s the history buff in me talking.

But What About Food?

I’m already impressed with the Itinerary that Copilot has generated. It’s certainly not a fully fleshed-out list of places to go, but it’s a good starting point that we can chop and change as we see fit.

However, I did mention to Copilot that we have some foodies in our group, so I will now put our tastebuds’ fates into AI’s digital hands. Like the additional information prompt, I’m going to stay in the same chat and ask Copilot the following:

Copilot AI Prompt asking for Mdina and Rabat restaurant recommendations

Since Mdina & Rabat caught my attention, here is what Copilot recommended based on the above prompt:

Mdina & Rabat restaurant recommendations for lunch and dinner

We have two recommendations for where we can eat, although I’m not 100% sure we’d want to visit a fine-dining restaurant. Then again, who knows? We’re on holiday, after all.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I’d say that Copilot has done well playing a pretend tour guide for me during this session. We’ve got a solid starting point for our itinerary and some food recommendations, and I’ve even learnt something that I didn’t know before.

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings in the first of many of Ashley’s AI Corner posts.

Until next time,

Ashley is one of our Senior SEO Specialists, who joined us in October 2023 and has worked with clients like Silver Cross, Hardsoft, and Brandon Hire Station. Find Ashley on LinkedIn.