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Simon Wharton

Simon Wharton

Managing Director

Simon graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1988 with an Honours Degree in Computer Science. He moved into the digital sector in the 90s, initially delivering technical support solutions for IBM then moving to IP Support where he built internet service providers, delivered European VoIP solutions and provided the technical support solutions behind that.

Simon joined forces with Roy Wilding in 2002 to form web development and internet services agency VirtuAffinity, which expanded to provide SEO services and eventually become PushON in 2006. Utilising their expertise and taking on new talent, PushON has grown to become one of the most well-regarded agencies of its kind in the UK.

Today, Simon provides strategic direction for the company, and beyond that is seen as a prominent figure in the north-west digital sector. He founded SAScon, the premier digital marketing conference in Europe, and regularly delivers lectures at Manchester Metropolitan University and Salford University, as well as CIPR and Pro Manchester business events.

Even away from the office, Simon is passionate about everything digital (and football-related!) and shares his findings via Twitter. This helps make him a leading authority on both online marketing in the north-west, and lower-league strugglers Nottingham Forest!

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